Our company has a skilled dedicated team that specializes in the field of exports, including handling the legality of exports.
Close cooperation with all airlines gives EBI a system of discounted fares that we will make available to you.
EBI offers a regular and regular range of unique services on the air and at sea to any destination around the world.
Our extensive deployment allows for competitive prices and uncompromising service.

Customs Clearance

At EBI we fully understand your need as a customer to beat your business competitors and be first on the shelf as well as meet delivery and commitment goals.
So when it comes to releasing goods from customs, do not compromise on less than the best.
We understand that every client, small and large, is a world in itself, so personal accompaniment is as if there is no one else but him.
At our company, 35 years of experience that is reflected in accompanying companies and businesses in all sectors of the economy with extensive knowledge and experience in handling the complex release processes you face as importers, we are true partners at all times, working with expert professionalism and speed to release shipments in all Israeli ports.
We are at the forefront of your dealings with regulation and bureaucracy.
Our advanced computer systems, experience and professionalism in regulated processes allow us to place you to be the first in the race, and who like you knows that in the business world this has a supreme economic value.

Live and forget – you sent us the paperwork, the rest is us, feel safe !!!

will come

Our company has an international set of agents that is managed and supervised in real time at all stages of shipping, import and export for all types of cargo,
With a variety of air and sea transportation solutions with attractive flexibility and cost-effectiveness
Supported by a global system, all according to customer needs.


EBI provides its clients with advice and cargo insurance services through leading insurance companies in the economy.


Our company is in contract agreements with leading shipping, couriers and express services companies in the world, networked in 240 countries.
In urgent moments when you need to deliver your goods, EBI does it for you and at competitive prices.
Even when courier companies are flooded with hundreds of thousands of packages at once, EBI will perform the tracking and handling with the personal touch for you.

Land transport

As part of providing a solution to all the customer’s needs in the release of cargo, including transportation to the customer’s home,
EBI in contracting with leading and reliable land transportation companies with specializations in the various types of transportation in accordance with the customer’s needs.

Certificates from competent authorities

EBI has a dedicated professional team that specializes in handling approvals from competent authorities in accordance with legal import requirements.
The approvals are handled in front of all relevant government ministries: Economy, Communications, Standards Institute, Health, etc., both for the Company’s customers and for inquiries from importers who are not among its customers.


Our company specializes in providing service and handling of third-party cargo / Drop Shipment Cross Trade that allows you to transfer cargo directly between supplier and customer between countries and save on double shipping costs. The service includes: advice, information and guidance on the legality of imports in different countries; Handling L / C delivery (documentary credit), collecting cargo from any point in the world, replacing paperwork and handling paperwork, air / sea and / or land delivery from any point and to any point, handling DDU / DDP shipments at any point in the world, while updating the customer the performance.
The service offered by us enables the provision of broad and unique logistics solutions, with full follow-up from the moment of ordering until delivery.