Company management

EBI is a family company founded by Ms. Elizabeth Ben-Yishai who serves as the company’s CEO and has been involved in the field of customs brokerage and international shipping for the past 35 years.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ben-Yishai

In her training, a customs agent and an international delegation with extensive experience have held a wide range of professional and managerial positions and her name in the field goes before her.

Elizabeth is known for having a high sense of service at unparalleled standards in the field, with the focus on bringing the products of the company’s customers to be first on the shelf.

Mr. Yossi Ben-Yishai

Joined the company as CEO after 35 years of work in the Customs Administration at the Tax Authority, where he held senior positions, including the director of customs at the port of Ashdod, the director of customs at Ben Gurion Airport and head of the drug and money laundering headquarters.

In his senior positions, he gained vast experience in the various customs processes, even with extensive knowledge in promoting processes, projects and problem solving.

Mr. Elhai Ben-Yishai

Mr. Elhai Ben Yishai serves as the Company’s VP, and specializes in many areas, customs brokerage, international shipping and couriers.

Elhai is a trained customs agent with a bachelor’s degree in economics and management and a master’s degree in law.

The company has talented, professional and dedicated teams for each field in the international logistics chain for the purpose of providing a response at any given time.